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Sara Brennan

Sara has an entrepreneurial spirit an a creative drive that lead her to build her own successful photography business, Whitebox Photo, more than 15 years ago. Her photography business has allowed her to travel all over the the world documenting life as we know it. While developing her business, Sara learned the importance of creating community over competition in industry. The collaborative spirit in the photography world inspired Sara to want to empower more women entrepreneurs and mompreneuers. Sara has mentored many up and coming photographers over the years and she loves to teach children (and grown-ups alike) who have a passion for photography.

Sara is a mom to three children and two step-children and they inspire her daily to want to make the world a better place. Teaching the importance of conservation and an appreciation for nature to her children has been a lifelong theme. Growing up on a small farm in rural NC also instilled a sense of importance to the “local” movement and the value of community. She can often be heard saying, “It takes a village!”.

The vision for the partnership of So-In and Biodiesel 4 Schools grew from Sara’s core values of sustainability, community, inclusion and a dream to make the world a healthier place for our children. Sara also wanted to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and to create local economic development thru inclusion by empowering women in a male dominated industry.

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