5 Steps to a Better Forsyth



Initial consultation and set up of your waste cooking oil collection account with So-In.


So-In will arrange a reoccurring pick up schedule depending on your volume and deliver a waste cooking oil container.


Spread the word! So-In will provide info, social media content, and a sticker for your window letting the community know you are helping turn waste cooking oil into biodiesel for the to use Forsyth County.


So-In signs up 300 Forsyth County restaurants, which allows our sister company, Biodiesel4Schools, enough feedstock to make biodiesel for the Winston-Salem Forsyth County school buses.


Everybody wins! We have worked together to make Forsyth County a better place to live!


Right now, Winston-Salem Forsyth County School buses burn 5% biodiesel that comes from all over the world. Our goal is to provide a readily available supply of locally made biodiesel so that our school bus fleet can burn at least a 20% biofuel blend that comes from recycling our waste cooking oil.  

This small change has a huge impact on the economic climate of the community and the carbon footprint. In addition to providing jobs and a green fuel for schools we can create a source of pride for the community. This program demonstrates the communities commitment to making the world a better, healthier and more economically secure place. It takes a village! We need every restaurant in Forsyth County to sign up to have their waste turned into a fuel for the future.